5 Asian Music Videos That Scream Bold Self-Love Anthems

Loving yourself — with all your talents and flaws — can be remarkably difficult at times. But I hope you, the reader, is able to experience true love for yourself today. And if that’s easier said than done, then I hope at least one of these music videos inspires you to find something you love about yourself and flaunt it to the world. Because you’re worth celebrating.

There are plenty of songs about self-love out there, but these are the ones I like to pull out when I need a little confidence boost. And honestly, they’re just really fun to shamelessly dance to on full volume.

Haters Got Nothing – TRINITY

Thai group TRINITY boasts the bold (and encouraging) message that “haters got nothing on me and haters got nothing on you” in a song filled with vibrant colorful smoke and gorgeous artistic representation of the elements. It’s also outrageously catchy and is stuck in my head almost constantly these days.

We Young – EXO-SC

I think older generations are often overly-cynical of the young ones. Similarly, sometimes young people count themselves out because of their age. Aside from the cool rotating-set style of the music video, I especially love one of the messages Chanyeol and Sehun spread in this pretty duet: “we don’t stay down ’cause we young…”.


HyunA’s confidence in this music video is incredibly contagious. She sings of paving her own floral path while fearlessly asking: “Can you hear me now?”

Bath bombs? Please. I’ll take an entire flower shower.


In case it’s not clear from the title, Dawn is all about himself in this song. (That’s not a criticism, by the way.) He boasts of his strong mentality and the fact that people can’t shake him. And when your hype man is Jessi, you just can’t go wrong.


No list of songs about loving yourself would be complete without this iconic piece. “I love myself”…”you can’t stop me loving myself”…need I say more? Loving yourself is a large part of BTS’s message as artists, so a lot of their songs share this theme. But I wanted to keep it to one song per artist for the list’s sake. Since they have so many to choose from, what’s your favorite BTS song about loving yourself?

As always, thank you for reading! Until next post.

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Music videos pictured in feature image: FLOWER SHOWER, DAWNDIDIDAWN, Haters Got Nothing

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