6 Reasons To Watch WayV’s ‘Moonwalk’ MV As Soon As Humanly Possible

Not only is WayV already back with their second mini album this year (entitled “Take Over The Moon”), but they also dropped their music video for the title track, “Moonwalk” — and viewers from all over the globe are being blown away by it. Each and every member does incredible, and the cinematography is wondrous to behold.

Read on for six reasons (of many) you should watch this music video ASAP — as if we need reasons other than the fact that they’re WayV.

Soft piano opening

The gorgeous, haunting melody is a surprisingly gentle start to the song — and it caught my attention far more so than if it had begun ostentatiously. Superbly done.

The softness doesn’t last long though….

WinWin raps

In an unexpected shift from the norm, WinWin raps in this song — and the unusual choice paid off because fans are loving it. And rightfully so — he does an excellent job. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more of him rapping in the future.

XiaoJun’s nose piercing

I used to have a nose piercing and I suddenly want one again. Will it look as cool? Probably not. But I’m only half joking right now because XiaoJun makes it look awesome.

Smooth-as-silk group moonwalk

Oh, yes they do. And it’s beautiful.


This music video has so many breathtaking scenes, it was hard for me to pick what to put in here. You have to watch it yourself to see everything — but I mean, look at this:

And this:

And these:

If I showed every visually stunning moment, I would be screenshotting the entire music video. Dusty desert or dilapidated boxing ring — it doesn’t matter where they are because WayV will look fantastic doing what they do and “Moonwalk” is an absolute work of art to witness.

Ten’s jacket toss & dance break

You know this is what he does when he comes home after a long day at work.

Thought I would show the dance break, did you?

Thank you for reading & let me know in the comments what your favorite moment of the music video is! Mine has to be the titular moonwalk, but it’s hard to pick just one!

Don’t forget to check out ‘Moonwalk’ if you haven’t already!

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