Shaky Ending To A Solid Drama: “Mr. Temporary” Final Episode Review

Mr. Temporary (also known as Class of Lies) just aired its final episode and, honestly, I have a ton of thoughts that I want/need to sort out. So, this blog post serves a dual purpose — my brain needs to process the ending of this drama, and hopefully my sweet readers will be at least mildly entertained in the process.

Alright, I’ve got my coffee — what about you guys? Let’s get right into it!

Since this post focuses on the final episode of Mr. Temporary, there are MAJOR SPOILERS ahead!

Let’s start with something I loved…

Jun’s performance

My favorite thing about this final episode is watching Beom Jin (Jun) completely unravel. He has kept such rigid control of his emotions the entire time that when he finally begins letting his true nature show, it is utterly terrifying. It’s particularly unnerving that even after the truth comes out, Beom Jin still furiously insists he’s done nothing wrong.

Jun as Beom Jin
final face-off between Beom Jin and Moo Hyeok

Immense kudos to Jun for pulling off this complex role so splendidly. I’m not sure I’ll ever fully be able to unsee him as the ingenious highschool murderer, especially since I had the same thoughts a lot of viewers initially had about him: Beom Jin isn’t as bad as the other kids. Ha ha…Ha. Right.

Thank you, Jun, for giving us the chills all the way up to your final moment on screen.

Next, the things I didn’t love so much…

It felt rushed

I’ve genuinely loved Mr. Temporary so much, but the end felt rushed to me — and here’s why:

The court scene is a little too convenient. As cool as it is to see Moo Hyeok (Yoon Kyun-Sang) school Beom Jin in public, the scene feels like a writer’s tool to move things along rapidly and, unfortunately, it shows. Beom Jin walks right into the courtroom and begins monologuing, then is suddenly called as a witness where an incredibly convenient video of him at Soo Ah’s apartment is played for all to see. It is dramatic, beautifully acted, and wonderfully shot. But it comes across as a necessity to conclude issues that need quick wrapping up.

Beom Jin in court
Moo Hyeok in court

I don’t know how these things work, but I wish the drama could have been extended — not only because I love it so much and would have relished watching a few more hours worth of it, but because I genuinely think it could have done with about 2-4 more episodes. Some issues might have been able to be resolved a bit slower, and at a more natural pace.

This unanswered question

I am completely fine with unanswered questions; I dislike when dramas spoon-feed viewers information, something this drama was great about not doing. However, they might have taken that too far at the end when Beom Jin is murdered and…we have no idea who did it. Not only no idea, but no clue — nothing. Just a random hand belonging to a hooded figure that quickly injects him in the neck with something, and then walks off as Beom Jin seethes in anger and contorts in pain.

one of Beom Jin’s final moments

Like, seriously…who killed him? (If any of you have ideas, please drop them below because I’m genuinely curious as to what people think and couldn’t find much online about it.) I have guesses, of course. In a twisted and dark way, I kind of wanted it to be Byung Ho…I’m not even completely sure why, it just would have been such sweet poetic justice. For that matter, I could also totally see it being Ki Hoon. Or was it simply one of Beom Jin’s father’s men? Or Moo Hyeok’s hacker buddy? Someone from the police?

Or did I just completely miss some indication telling us who did it? In which case, I would take back everything I’m saying and hide in a corner for a bit because I would feel dumb. But I went back and rewatched some parts and still found nothing. If a fantastic villain character gets killed at the last minute, is it too much to ask that we are given a clue as to who it might have been? At the same time, I think I’m okay not knowing for certain and just believing what I want to believe.

Me believing what I want to believe (or, Beom Jin in court)

It’s clearly intentional that we aren’t given a solid answer as to who killed Beom Jin, but I hope it was meant to provoke thought rather than to merely dispose of him quickly. Since they didn’t need to kill him off for the sake of the story — Beom Jin’s presence on screen could have ended after his final showdown with Moo Hyeok — I lean towards the idea that it was indeed intended to provoke thought, something the writers clearly succeeded in because look at me writing about it in a blog post because I was deeply perturbed at his death. Well played, writers.

It lacked closure

In general, things didn’t seem wrapped up with most characters. I understand that there’s simply not time to show everyone’s ending (which goes back to the whole “I think it could have done with 2-4 more episodes” thing), but I really wanted some kind of closure with characters like Byung Ho, Joon Jae, and even Ye Ri and Ki Hoon.

Byung Hun as Byung Ho
Shin Jae Hwi as Joon Jae

If I harp on each character I’m curious about, we’ll be here all day, so I’ll try to keep my thought process concise. Let’s start with Byung Ho (Byung Hun) and Joon Jae (Shin Jae Hwi), both very crucial characters in the beginning, middle, and even later episodes. They were characters I was invested in and cared about (yes, even Joon Jae), and I’m a little disappointed that we don’t get much of an indication as to what happened to them. Did Joon Jae stay with the loan sharks or did he end up coming back to school as Beom Jin promised him? I know Byung Ho is seen briefly in the last episode, but that’s it. For characters who were pivotal in a lot of the early plotline, I wish we had been shown a little bit more of them in the end.

Choi Kyu Jin as Ki Hoon
Kim Myung Ji as Ye Ri

I understand why Ye Ri (Kim Myung Ji) and Ki Hoon (Choi Kyu Jin) were not focused on too much during the final episodes; earlier in the drama, these two drove a lot of the action because of their outspoken and emotionally-charged personalities. So when things begin centering on Beom Jin, it’s natural that they fade into the background a bit. That being said, I still wish we had been given more of these two in the end — at least a little more than the couple seconds of their faces during the courtroom and classroom scenes. It doesn’t feel like a proper goodbye to characters we’ve been watching develop for weeks.

All of this being said, I would probably have complained if we were given a neatly little perfectly packaged explanation as to what happened to every single character because that’s just silly and not how life works. (But let’s be real — who seeks realism when watching a K-drama?) Maybe I’m just super cinematically picky and hard to please.


Moo Hyeok and Beom Jin face off

Once again, it comes down to the fact that I just wish we had been given a couple more episodes of Mr. Temporary. I absolutely loved it as a whole. The drama is so solid, and definitely rewatchable. It seems like the kind where you catch more details the more you watch it.

One thing is for certain — every single actor/actress did a superb job — this drama has a lot of incredibly gifted rookies and I’m so excited to keep up with these talented young people as they continue pursuing their careers in this industry.

Well, just as my intro is brief and to the point, I guess my conclusion will be too: on to the next drama! Happy watching, dear readers.

images source: OCN

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63 thoughts on “Shaky Ending To A Solid Drama: “Mr. Temporary” Final Episode Review

Add yours

  1. I was not a big fan of this drama, and I think that is partly due to the rushed nature of the ending and the feeling of too many loose ends, which you highlighted above. I also wrestled with the idea of who actually killed Beom-Jin. I kind of suspected one of the boys, Han Soo or Gi-Hoon, since they seemed to fit the physcial traits, and who could blame either one of them. In my fishing around the internet, I found the most popular theory to be one you didn’t mention here. Most people seem to believe that it was probably someone hired by Ye-Ri’s mom. I don’t know if I buy that, but I thought it was at least worth throwing into the mix for thought.


    1. Thank you for the comment, and for sharing your thoughts! I hadn’t heard of the theory of Ye Ri’s mom paying someone to off Beom Jin, but that’s certainly an interesting one to ponder…Like you, I’m not sure I buy it — I tend to think it was one of the boys as well — but all thoughts and theories are welcome here! Thanks again for sharing!


      1. No.. I think it’s not Yeri’s mom but Tae Ra’s mom.. We know that Tae Ra’s family is rich.. And we know Tae Ra’s mom watching news about Beom Jin who is suspected of killing Tae Ra.. So why Tae Ra’s mom didn’t do anything to Beom Jin..


        1. I agree with you; if it is indeed one of the mothers, I find it more likely that Tae Ra’s mom would be the culprit. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!


        2. I just watched the drama and I think it’s definitely Tae Ra’s mom. She even hired someone to slap somebody else for her lol. And before the scene where Beom Jin was killed, Beom Jin and Attorney Gi were having a conversation in the street. In that scene, Gi Moo Hyeok showed Beom Jin evidence that would prove that Tae Ra was killed by him. There is a possibility that Attorney Gi showed the evidence to Tae Ra’s mother first before meeting with Yu Beom Jin (When the trial ended, it was still light outside, and it was already dark when Attorney Gi and Beom Jin met, so Attorney Gi has the time to meet with Tae Ra’s mother to show her the pictures before he and Beom Jin met.


    1. Thanks for the comments! I agree Han Soo is a likely candidate, but I hadn’t considered Joon Jae; it’s an interesting idea! We know he’s prone to violence, but do you think he was angry enough at Beom Jin to want to kill him? I’d be interested to hear more of your thoughts on that!


  2. Sorry for coming a bit late..I just finished watching this drama, and had lots of thoughts, too. I think the ending was not rushed at all. Afterall, the situation was all leading towards the trial. During the interrogation of Beom Jin, while he was insisting his innocence (which was very Beom Jin in character because he was confident that there was no evidence against him), I knew that a video from the townhouse apartment will be shown. The scene on the search and seize was leading to this.

    I was also curious about who killed Beom Jin. I strongly believe he was killed by someone paid for by Tae Ra’s mom. During the unravalling of the father-and-son’s crimes in a press con, there was a scene of her, and she was very angry. During that press con, it was mentioned that the alibi of Beom Jin was also found dead. She probably connected all the dots and concluded that Jin killed her daughter also.

    I think all the other high school kids have learned their lesson and would not resort to such extreme action. Thus, making me believe all the more that it was a mom who wanted to avenge her daughter who had him killed.


    1. Thank you so much for the comment and for sharing your opinions! The more I hear the theory that it might have been Tae Ra’s mom who paid someone to kill Beom Jin, the more I start leaning towards that being the case. And you make some great points to back that up (like the shot of her angry face during the press conference — something I hadn’t noticed)! Again, thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  3. Yes I agree, the ending was rushed and questions left answered as to who killed Beom Jin. I keep searching hoping I could find who killed him.


    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment! If you have a theory about who killed him — or if you find one that you think is most likely what happened — definitely leave it below because I still don’t have a theory I’m 100% certain about… I suppose we’ll never know. It’s fun to discuss different possibilities, though!


  4. Hi! Idk if I’m too late to comment but I think none of the people you mentioned are the ones who killed Beomjin, no I’m not saying that you’re wrong, I meant that maybe season 2? Or there’s a plot twist, Gi Mu Hyeok couldve killed him? Haha impossible right? There might have been a new character (S2) like Su Ahs brother? Or Lee Taeseok wasn’t actually dead? Idk why Taeseok would’ve killed him but just maybe.. I’m sorry I said alot that actually didn’t help at all lmao, but these are just my thoughts 😅🥀✨ have a nice day.🥀✨


    1. It’s never too late to comment! Those are interesting theories, too. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and you have a nice day as well!


  5. I thought it might be Byungho. Beomjin did manipulate him at some point and he seemed disappointed with him. Also, black hoodie and their figure are pretty similar.


  6. Guys I was Han Soo! They hinted it after Beom Jin died. Han Soo wore the exact same shoes Beom Jin was wearing that day! It was Han soo


  7. You are missing tae ra’ s mother.She may have send someone to kill beom jin since he kill her daughter she was also furious


  8. Just finished watching this drama and curiousity leds me here on who actually kill Beom Jin? I was thinking that the killer might turn back or revealed at the last minute but it left me dumbfounded when there’s no exposure about it. But, I was thinking it could be ordered by Tae Ra’s Mom, considering that Gi Mu hyeok showed the pictures wc is the evidence from Tae Ra’s death before Beom Jin was killed.


    1. So glad curiosity led you here! Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. I think a strong argument can definitely be made for Tae Ra’s mom ordering the killing!


  9. i don’t think anyone killed beomjin, i think he was a psychi and at that part he hallucinated to the point he started feeling and seeing things. I


  10. Personally i can’t think of any killers, there’s no way is Ki Hoon. He became a good person well not a rlly good person but at least he willing to go the right way and trusted the lawyer. 100% is not ByungHo, he used to respects Beom Jin in every way so there’s no way its him even with the same clothing i dont think its him. Its not the hacker anyways like bruh he was so scared when he saw the chairman “hung” himself like if he so scared of that, how is he going to kill Beom Jin? xD Not Joon Jae neither (it might sounds weird) but think about it…yes he has a very bad temper and another level of violence, violence but he won’t just go and killed someone who helps him? And by far ik, Beom Jin didn’t have any intention towards him so why would Joon Jae go and kill him? No way its Han Soon too like ok ik he wants the killer to pay for his sins but think about it, I’m pretty sure he knows that Soo Ah wouldnt be happy if she sees him becomes a murderer? I’m sure the killer would be a man since it walks like one and acts like one sorry if it appears sexist to some people. Even though any people who hold grudges towards Beom Jin or his family might order someone to kill him like Beom Jin’s dad ordered the ex-police (?) to kill the Chairman. Again. it might be the police but he has a daughter he wont do things like that after everything has happened. Overall, I think the killer might be a stranger taking order from someone or just a random stranger lol since the drama didn’t give us any clue (maybe they did idk lmao). Thanks for listening to my TedTalk lol


  11. I know it’s late already. I’ve watched and finished this k series “class of Lies” just now, Oct 2020.
    Because a friend recommended this to me and I got fascinated.
    (bdw I like series with same genres like this, I’ve watched sky castle, lawless lawyer, save me, strangers from hell, flower of evil and othes.)
    So going back. You think maybe there’s part 2? I am thinking if it’s not Teras mom maybe Ki hoon? Who killed him.
    Or if there’s a part 2 only if there’s, maybe Ki Hoon will be the other antagonist.
    He seems bothered when he attended the trial. But it’s very seldom for a k series to have part 2.
    Like scarlet, I know most of the fans are waiting for part 2.rumors for vagabond 2, are still rumors but I hope there’s really part 2 of vagabond..


    1. Thanks for your comment! Unfortunately, I don’t think there will be a part 2 (as awesome as that would be). I like several of the dramas you mentioned…these types are definitely fascinating!


  12. I think it´s Han Soo, base on the build of the body and he´s likely to be the killer for him to get revenge for Su Ah. And I dont think its ordered from Tae Ra´s mom, because like what Mr. Gi said he will just gonna prove that Beom Ji murdered Tae Ra, so its not yet proven but yeah Im waiting for that part where the 2nd trial has started I thought it will include it in there. Did you guys wait or its just me, for Mr. Gi to mention about the Backdoor escape that Beom Ji used and used also for the false statement hahahaha. I hoping for a Season 2, although it showed BeomJi has been murdered but it didnt announced after, I wondering if the school know it, they didnt talk about it or announced by a news (just for the formality hahaha) Im confused if he is just also paralyzed or he reallt died. This is only my opinion, Im open for your insights too.


  13. Thanks for your comment! That’s an interesting idea that he is only paralyzed and didn’t die — I would have to go back and rewatch that scene to remember details, but it seems like a plausible theory!


  14. I came here looking for some answers because I just finished watching the last episode. I already had my own suspicions which I will share. Definitely not any of the kids, this was an adult’s revenge which for me means Tae Ra’s mom. She lost her only child and her anger was palpable in the scene where she is watching the TV. This is pay back big time: she punished his parents as well by killing their only son, Beom Jin.


  15. I loved this drama. Some very uncomfortable moments, great characters and acting, solid plot and a good soundtrack too.
    I agree that an additional episode to more realistically complete it in terms of the court scene would have been beneficial. It was pretty believable most of the time, but I found it a stretch that someone could just burst into a courtroom and insert themselves into proceedings that way… whoever they were.
    The video produced came from the illegal camera installed at Soo-ah’s, so I got that.
    As for who injected Beom-jin, I personally think it was Han-soo.
    I was also a bit disappointed at how easily Gi-hoon and Yeri were let off, considering what they both did and in her case especially, caused.
    For all that, there was still more I loved than got irritated by. Superb watch.


    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment and for sharing your thoughts. You make excellent points, and I can definitely see Beom Jin’s murderer being Han Soo. I agree that the drama is such an enjoyable and interesting watch.


  16. I think both hansoo and Taera’s mother killed him maybe she paid hansoo since she had a motive to kill him and knowing he also had a motive to kill him he won’t refuse I don’t really know though its an assumption


    1. That’s a creative solution as well — I hadn’t thought of characters working together to kill him. Thanks for taking the time to comment and for sharing your ideas!


  17. Man! so many theories…after reading these now i would strongly bid on Tae Ra’s mother on who killed Beom Jin.
    But before coming here, i was kinda expecting smthing else, i believed it to be MR. GI. Considering the following facts:

    Before their both’s encounter at the court, Mr. Gi the words he said to him on the rooftop were totally like he wanted Beom Jin to take his life, like he did to Tae Ra by calling her to rooftop, scaring her of coming future and saying similar words which Beom said to her. Mr. Gi even hinted him to give up and take his life by asking “what would be more pathetic…living in prison or living in this world ?”
    He wanted him to feel the same way the victim felt.

    And i don’t think he was reluctant to kill someone because after Butler Lee and Tae Ra’ deaths and attack on the prosecutor, he knew he can’t back out and became mentally prepared to see more and take a bigger step and willingly said that now he can’t leave Beom Jin to just be like that and need to stop him no matter what.

    Also as Mr Gi said he no longer wants to win, he just wanted the murderer to be disclosed to public and be finished(the subtitle showed this exact word “finish”), that would be the victory of him. He convinced the public that Beom Jin is the killer so it is possible that after this all he cared about the criminal to be punished he went to his next step ie to punish him.

    One more thing that disturbs me is that Mr. Gi who always wanted to find a complete reason of every event that has occurred and left no question unanswered and the teacher who no matter what, cared of her students and just wanted to stop them from becoming monsters; both of them weren’t bothered by Beom Jin’s death and were carefree and happy enough to end the case and continue being normal teachers at a ‘now’ normal school and to pose stylishly at the camera . Nobody wanted to know who killed the main suspect of crime and son of the proven guilty congressman.

    I said too much i guess hehe..mianhae. BUt that’s what i think. thank u.


    1. Wow, thanks for sharing your thoughts & taking the time to comment! I really like your theory of the murderer being Mr. Gi—I hadn’t thought of that, but you build a solid case and clearly put a lot of thought into it. Again, thanks for taking the time to comment.


  18. I think it must be one of yu yang ki’s men. When he was arrested and was been taken to the prison, the other culprits were abusing him in the van. Maybe he dint want his son to experience the same, so he asked someone to kill Beom Jin.
    This drama was actually good, they plotted the story very well and the direction was retty smooth and interesting. I dint had to skip or fast forward any scenes. I too agree they hurried the ending, could have taken an extra episode or made an epilogue in the end. It leave the viewers hanging, as we are not aware on what actually happened to the criminals involved.
    Don’t mind for writing so much 😅😅👉👈


  19. The last episode showed that tae ra’s mother was watching and concluded that her daughter was killed and not a suicide, may be she was the one killed beom jin!!


  20. There is something that doesn’t add up. I’m not sure, maybe I misunderstood something.
    However, for me it doesn’t make sense that Yoo Yang Ki told Lieutenant Oh to plant Kim Han Soo‘s fingerprints at the crime scene ?
    How did he know she died? He didn’t even know that his son is her murderer. And why would he plant Kim Han Soo‘s fingerprints or rather how did he know Kim Han Soo?
    It kinda confused me


    1. Those are great questions, and honestly — I’d have to rewatch parts of the drama again because my memory of it isn’t as sharp as it was when it first came out. I think even though Yoo Yang Ki didn’t know who killed her, he knew that he might get swept up in her murder because he was involved with her. I’m sure that’s why he wanted to throw suspicion. But I genuinely don’t remember his connection with Han Soo — if any other viewers know, please comment and let us know!
      I hope that helps with at least a little bit of your confusion. Thanks for taking the time to comment!


  21. All I could think of whoever killed Beom Jin or ordered to kill him was Tae Ra’s mom. During the press con, Mr. Gi announced that Tae Ra’s death could possibly not caused by suicide (because they still don’t have an evidence) and there’s a part where Tae Ra’s mom saw the news.


  22. I think the killer of Beom Jin could be someone paid by the mother of Tae Ra.
    But indeed, there are a LOT of questions left…


  23. So I LOVE Asian dramas soooooooo much, (I watch my dramas on viki cuz idk abt any other good drama sites that have free stuff), and I just finished Mr. Temporary. Curiosity led me here on who actually killed Beom Jin and to see if there would be a second season. I loved the drama over all but I felt like there were a lot of loose ends (you brought up most of them), but one of the endings that I really wanted to see was young ah and byung ho getting together as a couple…. also I read the comments and I noticed that people were talking about tae ra’s mom sending the killer. I feel like that was the theory that spoke to me the most. Over all though I really liked the drama.


    1. Hey there! Sorry this response is so late; I try to be prompt with them, but got a bit behind. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts! I’m glad you loved the drama as a whole. I did too! And I agree that Tae Ra’s mom is a really likely culprit.


  24. After the person injected beom jin with the substance,I started having a feeling that beom Jin is innocent.
    Maybe someone was behind all the commotions
    I just pray the movie has a season 2.


  25. After the person injected beom jin with the substance,I started having a feeling that beom Jin is innocent.
    Maybe someone was behind all the commotions
    I just pray the movie has a season


    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment! Wow, the idea that he is in fact innocent would be a huge twist! Definitely an interesting prospect. I’m not hopeful for a season 2, but it would be so fun if they chose to go that route.


  26. Honestly, I can’t help but agree. I hated Han tae ra’s death the most. She wasn’t really my favorite but her death really angered me , mainly because of the betrayal she faced by beom Jin. So when her mother figures out that beom Jin killed her… I really expected her to barge into their house and confront beom Jin, but none of that happened. And you bet that really annoyed me. Not only was it not realistic it also kinda made Han tae ra’s death irrelevant. Moving on, the court scene. This was the scene I was most excited for. How he’ll lay out the secrets of the corrupt and punish them. But all he did was hold a conference and the court room was absolutely rigged. Beom Jin literally walked free just like that. The ending for him and his father tho, I believe it to be because of his father’s connections. Of course to get that high you’d have connections. Maybe to break those connections they chose to kill them. I thought it was very realistic for the fathers death but for beom jin it did seem a little weird but that’s the best explanation I could think of that made sense. Overall I hated the ending for yeri and lee ki hoon. It legit made me cry because when you go back to drama there is a clip where they show the veritas and soo ah hanging out. If only nothing happened… if only they could have their old days back.


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