An Underdog Comeback: ‘The Good Bad Mother’ ep 2 review

Okay, this is what I'm talking about. I'm so stoked right now because if you've read my review of episode 1, you'll know that I had numerous criticisms about the premiere of The Good Bad Mother which I feared would toss it right into the dreaded "Dropped" pile -- but episode 2 comes out swinging... Continue Reading →

Mini Review: Silly Sibling Rivalry Masks Deeper Family Issues In ‘Take My Brother Away’

Netflix's binge-able Mainland Chinese drama Take My Brother Away (2018) tells the story of two squabbling siblings as they navigate school, friendship, and family through the oft-bewildering lens of adolescence. Shi Fen (Joseph Zeng) and Shi Miao (Sun Qian) are brother and sister who live with their well-meaning and loving -- but alcoholic -- father.... Continue Reading →

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